Vice Ganda admits that he’s now learning how to save because of the pandemic

Vice Ganda shares that he is now on saving mode during the pandemic.

Vice Ganda revealed some realizations amid the ongoing pandemic. The comedian admitted to a change in lifestyle, which may not have occurred had circumstances remained as they were.


During an interview with Push, the comedian admitted that among the things he eradicated from his normal lifestyle was shopping.

“Wa shopping. Walang shopping, walang online shopping, ‘Day. Kung may isa-shop man yung essentials. Pero yung splurge dati, naku walang ganun, ‘Day, wala,” Vice quipped.

“Wala ring rampa! Ang ginagawa ko ini-enjoy ko yung bahay ko, ini-enjoy ko yung kasama ko sa bahay. Dapat i-enjoy mo kung ano yung meron ka na ngayon.

“Kasi nga hindi naman siya (materyal na bagay) mahalaga, hindi sila mahalaga ngayon. Ang mahalaga ay safe ka, yung ganun,” he added.

He also admitted reusing clothes nowadays, something which he hardly does before C0VID-19.


“Magmula nga nung bumalik ang Showtime wala akong sinuot na bago, lahat Juliet (inuulit). Eh, dati kung magjulit ako ng damit ang tagal—taon.

“Ang dami ko talagang damit at alam mo yon, isa siya sa kasiyahan ko. Nagbibigay siya sa akin ng kasiyahan dati, na kunyari pag nai-stress ako may nabibigay siya sa aking therapy pag nagsa-shop ako.

In the end, Vice reflected on things that matter most in life, one of which is his health.

 “For the longest time, we have been so focused on material things. We have been so focused on other things other than life itself.”

“Kasi kung hindi mo mase-save yung buhay mo at yung kalusugan mo sa panahong ito, eh, mawawala din lahat yan. 

He also realized that even if your the smartest person in the world you cannot do such things without the Lord’s guidance.

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