Raffy Tulfo Will Be Giving John Regala A 100,000 Pesos For Medical Help

In this time, it is very important for us to be helpful with everyone.

This seems to be the life sayings of Raffy Tulfo who has been known for helping those people in needs.


So what it could be more if he will help fellow celebrity.

Recently, veteran actor John Regala went viral when someone posted photos of him on social media. The post says that Regala was asking for help.


It turns out that he has a medical condition that needs a serious attention.

Accordingly, this condition is a late stage of scarring (fibrosis) of the liver. This is caused by many forms of liver dis34ses and conditions, such as hepatitis and chronic alcoholism.

With this, Raffy Tulfo is willing to give extra help to Regala. On his program, Regala asked for his help.


Tulfo then said that he will give him a hundred thousand peso to start over and have his own.

As per Regala, he no longer has communication with his relatives.


“Wala na rin akong mga kamag-anak. magmula nung mamatay yung nanay, tinakwil na rin ako ng mga kamag-anak ko,” he said.

After the viral Facebook post, many netizens showed concern for the veteran actor.

Another good samaritan updated that Regala is now admitted in a hospital.

Meanwhile, many are sending their prayers for the actor.


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