Alleged 24-Year-Old Son of John Regala Wants To See His Father For This Trying Times

Being parted with your parents is one of the most heartbreaks you can ever feel as a child. Sadly, some never met their biological parents.

Just like this guy who is alleged son of veteran actor John Regala.


Recently, John Regala immediately went viral after a netizen posted photos of him asking for help in a public place. According to the post, the actor was looking for a certain nurse.

Afterwards, Regala asked for help from Raffy Tulfo and it turns out that he has a medical condition that needs to be treated.


With this, one guy named John Santos from Tanauan, Batangas claimed that he is a son of John Regala.

As per the source, Regala met the mother of John, Vilma Santos in Japan when he went there. Vilma happened to be an entertainer during that time.

Vilma then got pregnant with Regala but the actor didn’t believed that he was the father.


John was born in Japan and lived their until 7 years old. After that, her mother sent him in Bantangas to hia grandma that took care of him.

After the news about Regala, John wanted to see and meet his father now specially that he is going through a hard time.


On the other hand, the source also said that John looks exactly like his father. So it can’t be denied that Regala is actually his biological father.

She also said that John and Regala must take a DNA test if he wants to because it is still not too late to know the truth.

Meanwhile, this draws attentions from the netizens.



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