Jacly Jose admits how’s her current relationship with Philmar Alipayo, her daughter’s partner

Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose is a picture of a very loving and supportive mother to her daughter Andy Eigenmann.

In a typical family, parents, especially moms will always be there to guide her children. However, we all know our child will soon leave our sides and create her own family.

For the veteran actress, her daughter already started out her own family and left her to live on her own.


Andi, an ocean saver advocate, has focused on her advocacy and surfing these last few years. She is also on the Island of Siargao.

Currently, she is in a relationship with Philmar Alipayo who is considered the country’s best surfer.

Andi gave birth to her second daughter, next to Ellie Eigenmann, the actress ‘s daughter with her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito.


The couple lives their life simply compared to Andi’s luxury living in the city. They are now building their big home on the island.

Apparently, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose spoke recently about Andi’s second baby. In addition, she disclosed Ellie’s relationship with Philmar Alipayo.

According to PEP, Jaclyn admits she doesn’t have enough time for Baby Lilo right now. In the meantime, she assured that Andi is a hands-on parent. As for Ellie and Philmar Alipayo ‘s friendship, this is what she has said:


“Okey, okey. Walang Problema,” the veteran actress said.

She visits her grandchildren from time to time, according to her and she is happy whenever she sees them. She’s always glad she and Andi are now in good terms.


“Ganun naman talaga, kapag may tampuhan, after a while, wala na rin iyan. Masaya ako kapag nakikita ko ang mga apo ko, at okey kami ng anak ko,”

It can be remembered, the Jaclyn and Andi are very open before about having disagreements. And now, the celebrity mom and daughter are in a better relationship.

What can you say?


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