In a rare moment, Tony Labrusca seen dancing with his house helper in a tiktok video

Tony Labrusca makes the netizens amaze with his recently uploaded video.

Setting a routine is necessary for families with maids. If the chores flood in and became overwhelming, we often find ourselves micro-tasking or doing everything at the same time. This doesn’t only compromise the quality of our work but also putting the health of the family at risk.


Usually, housemaids keep our home clean, preparing the things that we need, and providing the things we have to use.

Nowadays, everyone is prohibited to stay at home, it is one of the government’s protocol during the lockdown.


Amidst these, everyone is thinking of how they can get away with boredom.

It’s been a month since the enhanced community quarantine got effective nationwide.

Since then, people have been doing all sorts of silly things while contemplating their existence at home.


And one of the most trends, for now, is doing Tik Tok videos.

Recently, Tony Labrusca’s new video on social media wowed a lot of netizens as it featured his house helper.


On the said video, Tony and his housemaid are performing a dance step using the Tik Tok apps.

Many netizens praised the actor for being humble and for treating his house helper well.

They also praised the duo for performing the dance moves with a lot of passion and confidence.

Except for dancing, Tony and his house helper also do some funny videos.

It can be noticed that they are really so close to each other.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Happy to see you with your nanny!”

” Swerte nman ng housemaid nyo sna ako nlng”

“sana naging Housemaid nalang ako sa inyo”

“Ang swerte naman nya.. if u look for another housemaid,I’m willing to apply hahaha”

Watch their TikTok compilation below:

Playtime with our housemaid.

Posted by Tony Labrusca on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tiktok with our housemaid.

Posted by Tony Labrusca on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My housemaid and I.Like Bright Vachirawit

Posted by Tony Labrusca on Thursday, April 23, 2020

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