Nadia Montenegro Opens Bank Account For John Regala Financial Assistance

You will know who your real friends are during ypur hard times, as many would say.

It seems like this has been proven in real life by tjis actor during this time of his life.


This is none other than John Regala who was known as a veteran actor. Back then, John all his success in showbiz industry.

Sadly, his career fades through time as he also grows older. This leads him to leave his fruitful showbiz life.


Recently, he is making waves in social media when photos of him circulated online.

To recall, one netizen uploaded his photo that is obviously in a medical condition. Afterwards, helps from his fellow celebrities came in.

Among others is Raffy Tulfo who promised to give him a 100,000 peso and will also help him with his medical needs.


Moreover, this seems to be the bridge for other personalities to extend their help.

As Nadia Montenegro and entertainment columnist Aster Amayo reached out to the former veteran actor.


The two created a BDO joint account for John that will be used for his financial medical assistance.

According to the source, Aster said that they made the account for the check and balance. They are also looking for a male helper for the actor.

John finds it hard to eat solid food so he needed an IV for twice or thrice a week.

Aster also added that they are planning to get a male helper that will also serves as his driver. As of now, John is separated from his wife so he now lives alone.

Meanwhile, John is now getting the medical assistance he needs. Thanks to all people who are helping him!


Written by adMin

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