Robin Padilla Shared Unexpected Encounter In Their Home That Sparks Serious Concerns From Many

We all should be thankful for our everyday lives as we wake up every morning.

It looks like this actor had one of his blessing in disguise this morning as he had a what assumed to be a second life.


I’m talking about Robin Padilla who took to his social media and shared one of his unforgettable experience in their home.

On his Instagram, Binoe shared his experience inside their home. As his fans know, he calls their mansion as Palais de tres marias.


According to the actor, most of the tasks at their home has been lined with them. As they needed to temporarily send home their staffs.

With this, Robin needed to assign himself on the swimming pool. He revealed that he takes care of this task every morning.

Robin’s routine is to check the pool and manually put the pump in the bottom. He also personally handled and put the wires and everything.


But this time, the wire of his pumping machine had a technical problem. As its wires are cut open with insulator.

Of course, this would cause trouble and serious problem if ever Binoe didn’t find this out before he jumped into the swimming pool.


Robin then thanked his Allah as believes that his guardian angel saved him from the near lives situation. He was really relieved and thankful on his Instagram post.

Meanwhile, many are saying that Robin had a second life as he nearly jumped into his loss. This sparks concern from his fans and advised to be extra careful this time.


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