The Real Reason Why John Regala Lost All of His Wealth After Successful Career Life

There’s really nothing permanent in this world. This has been one of the oldest saying of many.

This line might sound generic but it is also proven by many as they go on with their lives.


To give you an example, this seems to be the life lesson of veteran actor John Regala. Recently, he went viral again after his medical condition was revealed.

As we all now, John Regala is one of the most famous and successful veteran action star back in the 80s. He was born with his celebrity parents.


John first appeared in a show That’s Entertainment with late Kuya Germs. He appeared in the said show from 1987-1989.

Some of his projects were The Life Story of Julie Vega, Mga Anghel na Walang Langit, and Ang Probinsyano.

He came back in television through Ang Probinsyano after lead actor Coco Martin helped him to have a new project again.


After this, John was again in showbiz hiatus until the public discovered that he has now a serious medical condition.

Far from his life back then, John is now having a hard time in his life. Actually, he needed a financial help to support his medical needs.


Many of you might be asking yourselves how a once successful celebrity is now asking for help. Here’s the reason why John Regala lost all of his wealth.

Accordingly, his wife left him after John used some addiction He is also left out by his relatives that is no longer help him since his downfall.

It was also reported that the actor almost drowns himself with this substance for almost 13 years.

Meanwhile, John is now in the hospital and receiving his medical needs through the help of his fellow celebrities.


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