Half-Lebanese Actress Jessy Mendiola Offers A Prayer for Lebanon

Since the Pandemic hits, everyone is hoping for a better news or something to hope for.

Sadly, another heart breaking news came in yesterday affecting the other country.


Hence, everyone is still affected specially Filipinos who have relatives and families there.

Recently, the news about the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon has shocked the world. With most countries still battling with the virus, another fatal even happened.


According to the news, there were 73 fatalities and thousands were injured. 2 of which are Filipino and 11 are still missing.

Given the situation, actress Jessy Mendiola who is a half-Lebanese couldn’t help herself but to pray hard for her dear countrymen.

Jessy was born with her Lebanese dad which she shares photos on her social media.


On her Instagram, she uploaded some of the photos taken from the scene and wrote, “What happened to Beirut breaks my heart so much. See photos like this is so saddening. Praying for everyone affected by this devastating incident.”

In a separate post, Jessy simply shared a photo and wrote the hashtag, #prayforBeirut.


Jessy met his father just last year who flew to UAE just to see her after 14 years of being apart.

Meanwhile, reports say that the massive explosion came from agricultural fertilizers.


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