Kathryn Bernardo Is Successful As The CEO of Her Own Nail Salon

Kathryn Bernardo is indeed one of the most successful young actress of her generation. From being a child star, she is now a grown up young lady!

As we all know, Kathryn started her showbiz career at a very young age. She played the role of that ‘maarteng maldita’ in Supet Inggo that has an iconic line, “duhhh.”

After this, Kathryn also became part of Goin’ Bulilit where she graduated when she reached the maximum age. Since then, Kath had all her endorsement, telerseryes and movies.

During her early teenage stage, she was partnered by Daniel Padilla that started their more succesful showbiz career.


Given all of her projects, it can’t be denied that Kath already saved up a lot of money. Good thing, she invested it in business in 2018.

At her age of 21, Kathryn decided to have her own nail salon that she named, Kathnails. She is now the CEO of her business.

From a one branch in the city, Kathnails has now many branches around the metro. So it is safe to say that Kath is now settled with her financial and other goals.

Recently, she shared that their family’s dream house is already under construction. The actress even uploaded photos during their ground breaking.


Truly, Kathryn Bernardo is the boss of her own!


Written by adMin

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