Andi Eigenmann Defends Philmar Alipayo Over Netizens Saying ‘Tiga Isla lang’

Andi Eigenmann gets back to netizens who are degrading her live in partner Philmar Alipayo. It is after they labeled Philmar as ‘tiga-isa lang.’

As we all witness, Andi totally devoted her time to her province life with Philmar together with their daughters Ellie and Lilo.


In a YouTube vlog they uploaded, they made a content where they will answer the questions of their followers. Most questions are about their relationship.

One asked Philmar on how does it feel having a celebrity partner. At this point, they have been open about their situation like this.


“At first (mahirap) because people will come to me, bashing me,” said Philmar.

On the other hand, Andi came to the rescue saying that Philmar has a nice tan lines possessing the natural skintone of a Filipino.

She went on saying that she didn’t expect that someone will bash or hate Philmar because she was an actress before.


Andi shared that when they were still dating, Philmar told him that people are not into them having a relationship. This was the point when Philmar said that “tiga isla lang ako.’

To which Andi explained that he shouldn’t belittle himself as they are lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of nature.


In the end, the actress pointed out that she feels lucky falling in love with Philmar.


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