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Take a look at Raffy Tulfo’s designer sneakers collection that will left you in awe

A quick hawkeyed scroll in Raffy Tulfo’s social media account will let you gape at his extensive designer sneaker collection!

Perhaps you’ll best know Raffy Tulfo as one of the tough Tulfo brothers.


But he became more popular because of his good deeds in his program Raffy Tulfo In Action.

What’s more amusing is you won’t see him wandering around in boring kicks. Take a look at a few of his cool kicks below!



Basket hi-top sneakers. It cost Php53,557.15

Run Away Pulse Sneakers from LOUIS VUITTON


It cost around Php60,927.40

Men’s Flashtrek Sneakers with Removable Spike in 9084 Gh.wh from GUCCI


1590 USD approximately P78,042.

Men’s Super King Metallic Trainer Sneakers from DOLCE and GABBANA

Raffy knows that even basic everyday sneakers don’t need to be boring. Cost Php48,889.32

White and Blue Triple S Clear Sole sneakers from BALENCIAGA

Triple S Clear Sole Sneaker in Blue, 995 USD approximately Php53,557.15

Triple S Clear Sole Sneaker in White Calfskin, lambskin, and mesh from BALENCIAGA

Php58,224.98 is its whopping price.

Rhyton Worldwide Sneakers from GUCCI

His Worldwide version is actually too cute for words! It cost Php43,730.16

Sorrento Sneakers with Logo from DOLCE and GABBANA

645 USD approximately P31,659

Zigzag Sneakers from LOUIS VUITTON

Approximately Php64,230.96- Php68,297.65

Graphic outsize Damier pattern Latitude Slip-on (12ATDI) and (1A2TER)  from LOUIS VUITTON

Php34,902.61 is the amount of each pair.

Zigzag Sneaker (1ASHIB) from LOUIS VUITTON

Amounting to Php58,962.00

Track sneaker from BALENCIAGA

Worth Php44,260.16

Men’s Flashtrek Removable Spikes Sneakers from GUCCI

Php28,124.65 is the price for a pair.

Men’s Diamond Crystal Shimmer Suede Trainers with Crystal Application and Chunky Platform from JIMMY CHOO.

Its whooping price is Php230,722.52. Woah!

Raffy Tulfo’s sneaker taste stretches from must-have footwear to audacious picks.

What can you say about this? Let us know!


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