EDITED OR NOT? Lost Crocodile Wanders Off In A Flooded Subdivision

Have you ever seen a crocodile in person? Some of you already have and some might not.

But knowing about their natural habitat and life, most people are afraidx of crocodiles as they are flesh eating animals.


So what could it be if an actual crocodile got lost and wamdres off in a flood? That would really be a huge disaster and heart attack for everyone!

And to give you a sneak peek on how it looks like, here’s a viral post by a netizen who uploaded a photo of the said wild animal in a flooded subdivision.


In a Facebook post of a netizen named Choy Bungot, he uploaded a photo of a crocodile swimming in the flood. The first photo shows on what appears to be a body of it.

While the second one is closer look to its upper face showing its eyes and half part of its snout.

The said photos were uploaded after many wild animals were spotted lurking in the city. Just like the ostrich who was then related to the game and movie, Jumanji.


Meanwhile, the said photo of the crocodile was then proven to be edited. The original photo was taken from Google and edited it on the original photo of the flood.


Written by adMin

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