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Heart Evangelista Pays The Plane Ticket of Her Avid Fan Who Had Problems In Dubai


Heart Evangelista is undeniably one of the richest actress since her childhood. With her wealthy parents, Heart was already living a high maintenance life since then.

To look back, Heart entered showbiz around her teenage days. It can’t also be denied that she has all the beauty and looks back in the days.


Until now, she managed to keep her magnetising beauty that surely made every guy fell in love with her.

During her showbiz career, she was paired up with John Pratts who was also a teen heart throb back then.


Heart usually played the roles of kikays and rich girls in movies and teleseryes. And girl, she totally nailed them all!

Now that she is now a grown up with married life, Heart is now serving her time and blessings to those who are deserving.

But behind of her maarte looks, she is indeed a beautiful at heart.


This was then proven by an avid fan of her. Recently, the segment of Eat Bulaga, Bawal Judgmental had their theme artists who have helped their fans.

And of the guest players was Nes. According to her, Heart helped her back then when she had problem with her employer.


The stort was Nes worked in Dubai when she had to end her contract too soon. She then payed her employer as a consequence.

Problems came after, Nes struggled to find some money for her to get back in Philippines and pay for her plane ticket.

Since she is an avid of the actress, Nes tried to contacted and sought help from Heart.

Heart then immediately responded and gave Nes her credit card number that paid the plane ticket.

As per Nes, the Kapuso star paid more than 23,000 pesos and she didn’t asked Nes to pay her back.

Actually, it was Heart who even get in touch with her and convinced Nes to look for a job in Manila instead.

When Nes had to describe her idol, she said, “maarte lang po siya pero mabait po siya.”

In the end, Nes revealed that Heart also helped another fan of her who battled with serious heath condition.


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