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Forbes Park Mansion of Pacquiao Now Worth 1.5 Billion Pesos!

Did you know that the luxurious mansion of Manny Pacquaio and Jinkee Pacquiao is already on the market? And to tell you, this costs a lot of money!

It is no surprise if this luxurious mansion of Pacquiao family costs a great number. As seen in their recent vlogs, you can already tell how big and spacious it is.


This property is currently in the listing of, a real estate firm known for selling multi million worth properties.

You can browse it as “Zen Inspired Luxury Mansion for sale at Forbes Park.”


The said website describes the Pacquiao mansion as  “a very tropical modern feel with a touch of elegant resort-like vibe.” This has a price of 1.5 Billion.

The total land property has 2,000 square meters. The house itself covers 1,525 square meters with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

On the other hand, the website didn’t wrote directly that is is the Pacquaio’s property. But photos of it really says a lot.


For example, there is a photo that shows the house with furniture. One corridor shows frame of Manny with his boxing shorts and a Philippine flag behind him.

The couple bought the house in 2011 for 388 million in cash.


It was first listed in 2014 with a price of 708 million peso.

It was reported that they olanned to sell it because of thwir neighbors complainung their shabbily dressed guests.

In an interview in 2014, Manny said, “Ang bisita ko, iba-iba. Nakakahiya naman sa mga kapitbahay ko na may mga bisita akong nakatsinelas lang.”

Meanwhile, the property really makes everyone wants to live in this luxurious mansion.


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