Meet Denise Ysabel Salvador, Philip Salvador’s stunningly gorgeous daughter

Phillip Salvador’s daughter will surely stun you with her beauty.

Philip Salvador is one of the most notable stars that we have especially in the action-themed movies.


Aside from his natural charm and strong aura, the actor can also do heavy drama and even comedy too!

Being among the largest showbiz clan, it is no wonder that Philip knows his way in front of the camera. As a matter of fact, Philip is a three-time FAMAS award-winning Filipino actor!


That is why no wonder that many people from the showbiz industry have so much respect for him, and way many girls have fallen for him, even his co-stars that he met on some of his films.

Just like the usual set up among famous action stars, Philip has his fair share of affairs and kids as well.

Philip has three kids, the youngest with Emma Ledesma and is also the current partner of the actor.


Some of us probably didn’t know her daughter who had an ‘artistahin’ looks. She can be a leading lady someday because of her beauty and charming personality.

Meet Denise Ysabel Salvador. Philip’s daughter to his former partner, Vivialyn Dungca.


She is currently making rounds on the internet because of her Italiana looks. Aside from her beauty, she also has an undeniable stunning curve.

You could also see to some of her photos the beautiful featured of her parents, especially that she has a huge resemblance to her father, Philip.

Even though her parents are already separated, the two of them still never lacks on loving and supporting her. In fact, her parents are both present on her Graduation day.

It is one of the most joyous moments for Denise.

What can you say? Does she look exactly her father?


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