Ogie Diaz and Ria Atayde Pranks Sylvia Sanchez That Made Her Mad

Ogie Diaz and Ria Atayde pulls a prank to veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez.

Nowadays, pulling a prank or making a big joke to someone is all over the internet. With pranking videos to give a good vibes is a trend right now.


And speaking of this, Ogie Diaz, a talent manager together with actress Ria Atayde pranked Ria’s mom Sylvia.

In a vlog uploaded by Ogie, he visited the house of Atayde family. He then introduced Sylvia as a good cook and really loves to prepared foods.


Sylvia decided to cook Ginataang Sigarilyas which she said that everyone can afford this dish.

She shared that this was the first time that she let someone filmed her while cooking. To know the reason why, this mom wants to pass her secret recipes to her children.

After cooking, they set the dinibg table and lottle did she know, Ogie messaged Ria to go downstairs and tell that what her mom cooked is not delicious at all.


At first, Sylvia was defending her dish saying that it is a different recipe from the original. Ria told her that last time it is more delicious.

To add a fire, Ogie insisting that her children should be the one who’s supporting a dish.


At the end, Sylvia had no idea that they are just messing around her. She said that she’s not pissed or mad but her reaction says it all tho.


Written by adMin

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