A heartbreaking story of an old man who traveled 300km away from his home just to see his grandson for one last time

Some say there is no distance that can dampen a grandparent’s love for their grandchildren.

A grandfather has the wisdom of long experience and the love of an understanding heart.


There is no grandfather who does not adore his grandchildren.

And for this grandpa, the love and care he has for his grandson went so far as to go truly beyond distance and some may even say the grave.


Just recently, a story posted on social media went viral.

It is after a Thai netizen named Rachot Wangkahart shared the plight of how one elderly man had traveled a distance of over 300km from his home village by motorbike, just so he could see his grandson one last time at his funeral.

This heartbreaking story happened when Rachot stumbled upon the old man at a gas station one night to use the bathroom.


Rachot was wondering why does the old man is sitting there in the middle of the night. That’s why he decided to talk to him.


“I asked him where he stayed, and what he was doing alone so late at night.”


To which the elderly man responded, “I stay in Buriram. I am here for the funeral of my grandson.”

With only 300 baht (RM40.45) in his pocket, the old grandpa had decided not to trouble his family in Khon Kaen and had intended to find temporary lodging for the night at a police station.

But due to how he wasn’t familiar with the locale, he wound up sleeping next to his motorbike at the gas station instead.

Touched by his predicament, Rachot decided to give the old man some money of his own.

As well as a protective amulet to see him safely along his journey.

A tear-jerking story it is.

Your thoughts?


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