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Do You Still Remember The KMJS Guy Who Was Looking For His Korean Brothers? He Looks Like A KPop Idol Now!

Can you still remember that guy who was looking for his half-Korean brothers? That boy was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Back in 2017, Jason Lee, a half-Filipino and half-Korean who lives in Dingalan, Aurora with her mother posted on his Facebook looking for his lost two brothers.


The background story was, their mom Gingging met their Korean father in a bar here in the Philippines. They soon fell in love and marry each other.

Gingging’s frist born, Lee Sueng Hee was born in Korea back in 1992. But their marriage was not that peaceful as his husband hurt her physically.


Their second born was Lee Jin Hee who was born a year after Lee Seung Hee. Until the couple had their third child, Lee Jason who was born here in the country.

Gingging had to left her sons and his husband as his family wants to abort Jason at that time. The Filipina mom chose to let her son live.

Until in 2017, Jason wanted to meet his brothers again after 16 years of being away with them. Thanks to the program and power of social media, the family met each other again.


Surprisingly, Jason had his glow up now! From that simple boy who was living with his mom, he is now like a KPop idol!


In a Facebook post, photos of Jason in 2017 and now was compared. He really had an amazing glow up!

Just like what we see in Korean drama, Jason can fit to Oppa roles. With his dyed hair and pure Korean looks, it can’t be denied that Jason looks a Korean idol now.

Here are some of his photos:


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