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Sharon Cuneta Finally Speaks Up On Her Break Up With Gabby Concepcion

It have been years that passed since the break up of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

But it seems like some of their fans are still not over with their not so happy ending relationship.


Sharon Cuneta shared a photo showing her daughter KC Concepcion would look like if she had been a man. Sharon said that she would have named him Juan Carlos Miguel.

“OMG! Hahahaha! These Sharon-Gabby fans used an app and turned KC’s face into a boy’s. So this is what she would’ve looked like if she hadn’t been born a girl. His name was ready: Juan Carlos Miguel. We didn’t prepare any girls’ names because we believed she was gonna be a boy! A brother would’ve looked like this too, maybe. Gavin, hahaha! Guapo like Ate. Not meant to be! Awww these combined genes.”


The actress shared that didn’t really expected a daughter, but a son.

One netizen commented on the post saying,

“Syang po talga pinagtagpo, nagmahalan pero bakit nagkahiwalay, always watching ur Sharon gabby movie everyday,”


“Eh daming malandi sa mundo.” the megastar replied.

The Sharon-Gabby love team really had a special impact on the hearts of their fans!




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