Ion Perez trends on social media after showing his ripped underwear

Ion Perez was involved in another hilarious moment on the noontime show “It’s Showtime.”

Earning noises and cheers from the people inside the “Its Showtime” studio and even online is Kuya Escort, Ion Perez.


This is during the “Mas Testing” segment joined by hosts Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Ion, and Ryan Bang.

Vice Ganda asked then-contestant Vhong Navarro about who between Ion and Ryan Bang was wearing a darker color of underwear.


Of course, to prove if the answer was correct, both “kuya escort” and the Korean actor had to give the viewers a peep of their undergarments.

“Kailangan mo ipakita underwear mo kasi old rose si Ryan,” Vice told his boyfriend.

“Sigurado?” Ion replied as he admitted that he was wearing ripped underwear.


Vice asked back: “Bakit?”

Vhong shouted: “Bacon ba?”


“Bacon” is the term for overused underwear with a garter that has loosened and appears like a bacon strip.

Ion laughed and told Vice: “Punit!”

Ion then partly showed his underwear, proving that it was really not in good condition.

The tear was a bit huge. Laughing, Ion shared that he doesn’t know this is bound to happen. He added that if he only knew, he could have changed his underwear.

He then reasoned out that he is comfortable with that undergarment and that he had no idea that he needed to give a peep of it while hosting.

“Bakit ganoon ang brief mo?” Vice asked.

“Hindi ko naman alam na ganito, sana nagpalit ako! Diba, minsan may kanya-kanya tayong paborito? Paborito ko ito. Hindi ko naman alam na may ganito,” Ion replied.

Vice turned to Vhong and said Vhong lost the round because Ion’s underwear had the darker shade.

Watch the video clip below:

Your thoughts? Do you find it hilarious?


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