JM De Guzman shares how he manages his panic disorder

Like many people, some celebrities experience issues about their mental health, mostly as an effect of the five-month community quarantine.

Among those who shared his story is actor JM de Guzman.


He gave a candid look at how he manages his panic disorder, such as when it interrupts him in his sleep, in hopes that it may also help those in similar conditions.

In an Instagram post, JM shares a video showing he place a towel on his face and head after soaking it with ice.


“This is what my panic disorder looks like 4 a.m. in the middle of good sleep,” he said.

“I managed to record this because somehow I’m learning to cope with it and just hoping others might relate and to let you know you’re not alone.”

He described the experience as “intense waves of emotions. A rapid heartbeat that’ll make you feel you are about to pass out or d1e.”


“I use ice to slow down the heartbeat and to feel my face because my body is numb, overpowered by emotions. This may be caused by a painful trauma in the past,” he said.

In his post, JM said he wanted to share the video hoping that others might relate and to let them know that “you are not alone.”


JM went on: “If you have this too, put ice on your face, head hand and body.

Just pray and deep breaths and make the people around you understand [your] condition tell them to stop asking questions and just be there. So the attack will subside quicker rather than triggered.”

“It’ll be over after 30 or 40 mins. and you’ll be fine. Keep telling that to yourself so that’s the only thing running inside your mind,” he added.

Does his post add a little help?


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