Kathryn Bernardo Was The Love Bridge of Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia

Do you know that Kathryn Bernardo was one if the reasons why Khalik Ramos and Gabbi Garcia became lover?

Well, our Teen Queen is not just lucky with her lovelife with Daniel Padilla. But she also becomes the reason why Khalil and Gabbi met.

In Youtube live of Khalil and Gabbi when the actress received her Gold Play Button, the couple shared their love story. Acoording to the love birds, they met in Julia Barretto’s debut in 2015.

When the time that Khalil laid his eyes on Gabbi, who was sitting beside Kathryn at that time, he immediately asked Kathryn who Gabbi was.


“At that time, ‘yung relationship namin ni Kath, hindi kami like now. We’re much closer now. Pero out of nowhere, I asked her who you were,” said Khalil.

He went on saying,  “Tapos parang naramdaman niya yata kaagad na parang I’m crushing on you or I like you. Sabi niya agad, ‘Si ano iyan, si Gabbi. Papakilala kita, papakilala kita. Halika, halika, papakilala kita.”

Gabbi then said that Karhryn formally introduced them with each other. At that moment, Kath and her were dancing when suddenly someone pulled Kathryn out and that was the time Khalil went to Gab.

“After the small talk, I went looking for my friends. He went with me, he helped me look for them. And when I saw sila na, you were just there. You were just following me the whole night,” Gabbi said.


The actress also admitted that she waited for Khalil to ask for her number but he didn’t.

Until in 2017, they met again and that was the time they started going out together. And that’s where there love story started.

As of now, Gabbi and Khalil have been together for three years. And they are both thankful for Kathryn for being the reason why they’ve met.


“Thank you Kath, we love you. And we miss you if you’re watching,” said Khalil. Gabbi then added, “Cheers, Kath.”


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