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Bugoy Cariño Slams Basher Belittling Him For Online Selling ‘Di ka lab ng mama mo’

Bugoy Cariño swirled in social media this past few weeks after revealing his daughter with EJ Laure.

After Bugoy uploaded a family photo of them during his recent birthday, it sparked discussion online. Many are saying that EJ Laure got the childhood of Bugoy.

Following this, criticisms and harsh comments about the couple were spreaded all over the social media. And just recently, someone posted talking about the personal life of the former childstar.

In a Facebook post, netizen named Jhek Idel posted a screenshot during the live online selling of Bugoy. There, Jhek posted his opinion saying that he is disappointed on where Bugoy took his life.


He pointed out that the former child star could have been in a better life right now if EJ Laure didn’t get pregnant with the young actor.

The said post called the attention of Bugoy and he answered him back by sharing his post.

Bugoy defended that there is nothing wrong or bad for online selling as a matter of fact, many are doing this right now. He also pointed out that some people who are already rich is also selling online for leisure and some are selling as a hardwork to earn money.

He jokingly said that Jhek might be the one who is jobless and doing nothing in his life. Bugoy jokingly said that he can buy his life.


At the end, Bugoy used the hashtags, #KulangSaPansin #DiKaLabNgMamaMo and #PaginggitPikit.

Gusto sumikat neto oh pasikatin na natin hahaha! Porket artista bawal na mag online selling? Big deal yun?? Hahaha…

Posted by BUGOY CARINO on Friday, September 18, 2020

Meanwhile, the comments and opinions of the netizens were cut in half. Some are siding with Jhek while some are defending Bugoy.


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