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Video of Janella Salvador Shows She Gain Weights Noticed By Netizens

Janella Salvador is a hot topic right now. It is after their confirmation of Markus Paterson that they are in a relationship.

Following this, rumors are spreading that Janella is actually pregnant that’s why they already admitted their real score.

Some videos and photos from them were also collected and connected by the netizens concluding thag Janella is really giving birth in the UK.

Although Janella is still active on her Instagram, she still doesn’t share her whereabouts. On the other hand, Markus has been sharing that he is in London with his family.


But what’s make people curious is that the mom of Janella as well as his brother Rusell has a video with Markus in their house in London.

And now, Janella finally had her appearance through the segment I Feel U hosted by Toni Gonzaga. In that episode, the guests were Janella and Joshua Garcia.

The teo have worked together in The Killer Bride and actually had a chemistry. Many of their fans are rooting for them but there are no longer a love team.

During their videocall interview, many noticed that Janella has a chubbier cheeks right now compared to her old photos where she looks very slim.


It can be seen in the background that the young actress is sitting in a bed as the headboard was visible in the background.

She looks like wearing an orange shirt. Although her tummy can’t be seen to see if she really has a baby bump, many are saying that she is just hiding it with the pillow and blanket.

Moreover, the very observant netizens also noticed that the arms of Jea looks thicker. There was a point in the video that Janella raised both of her arms to fix her hair.

Bagong Video ni Janella Salvador halatang halata na BUNTIS daw ito ayon sa mga netizens

Hindi nagpakita si Janella Salvador na apektado siya sa mga lumalabas na mga balita tungkol sa umano'y pagdadalang-tao niya.

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