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Video of A Housekeeper Forcedly Sit In Emplyoer’s Trunk Went Viral

It is such a heartbreaking scene to see when  someone experience inhumane things. We have already seen many videos that went viral for a certain reason.

Some because of their wits and funny vibes while some are really getting into your nerves.

Just like this one video of a housekeeper who was no choice but to ride on her employer’s car trunk.

In the said video, a white moving car can be seen. At the trunk of the car, it has a big box and the a lady riding at the back. We can already tell that the lady was scared for her life.


This matter has been recently addressed by General Directorate of Traffic in Bahrain who stated in an online post that traffic authorities have taken legal action against the 20-year-old driver.

According to The Daily Tribune, the authorities said that the female driver will be facing punishment after she putbher house maid’s life at risk.

Meanwhile, it is not clear if the seen house maid in the video is a Filipina or not. But still, this raise awareness and reminder to everyone that not all employers are safe to be with.

This also elicited many reactions from the netizens. Here are some of them:


“Should have license suspended for at least 2 years and a big fine. Or choose to have license suspended for 5 years.”

“Very inhumane. Most probably she’s a househelp in the trunk. These kind of employers should never be allowed to have housemaid in this lifetime!”

“Well the driver is sole responsible for the car and ever one in it. That is absolutely disgraceful. They need to take the car off her, ban her from driving and a hefty fine.”


In response to a video clip that has been circulating on some social media sites, The General Directorate of Traffic has taken legal measures against a 20-year-old woman by seizing her vehicle after she drove her car with another woman holding a box in the trunk of the car, endangering her life and the life of others. The case has been referred to the prosecutor.The Daily Tribune – newsofbahrain#TheDailyTribune #NewsofBahrain #LatestNews #ViralNews #Bahrain Video courtesy – @jedhafsi_

Posted by News Of Bahrain on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


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