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Ethel Booba is also a certified “Plantita” give her fans a tour on her house plants

More than six months into the community quarantine, Filipinos have turned to plants to cope with the pandemic.

First came the home-cooked meals and baked goods. Now, the stay-sane-at-home movement has found its newest preoccupation: growing plants.

People have been turning their homes into green sanctuaries. Our feeds have been flooded with photos of proud plant parents and their leafy babies. They call themselves “plantitos” and “plantitas,” a portmanteau of plant and Tito (uncle) or Tita (auntie).

Some choose cacti in pretty tiny pots, others like indoor plants with giant leaves. There are others who prefer edible plants like herbs and vegetables. The reasons they choose to grow plants vary.


There are varying degrees of being a plantita, too. Some have pots in the corner while others have an indoor jungle

For many who regularly browse through their Facebook accounts, posts of gardening, plant collections, different kinds of plants including houseplants are now in the mainstream.

There are also those who earn from selling their plants or opt to barter for another kind.

Celebrities are also on the hook.


And adding to the “Plantita” group is the singer comedian Ethel Booba.

Recently, Ethel gave her fans a tour of her house plant.

Through her social media posts, Ethel proudly shows off the different kinds of plants she has in her house.

“Good morning PLANTITOS and PLANTITAS,” she captions her post alongside her photos.


One of her photo shows she’s holding her daughter while there so much greenery in their background.

The other one is she’s striking a fierce post on their sofa showing a huge plant at her back.

Another one seems like she has the garden inside their living room.

Whether as a way to cope in this trying situation or simply picking up a new hobby, embracing the inner plantita/plantito in us can help give your humble abode a resort-like vibe.

What can you say?


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