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Girl Treated A Homeless Man, Turns Out To Be A Former Professor In UP and Ateneo

As we go on in our daily life, we usually see homeless people around every corners and streets. But who would have thought that a random homeless man is actually a former professor.

One story of a girl who was just kind and helpful treated a random homeless man in a fast food chain as he is still not having a meal yet.

This person is none other than Faith Ares who was just having her normal day at that time. She shared her story through her Facebook account.

According to Faith, she was just lurking around inside a mall and she was deciding where to eat when suddenly an old man approached her.


Unexpectedly, this homeless old man is very fluent in English. Faith narrated what the man told her, “Miss, I’m sorry but I have to tell you something. Please don’t get mad. And Sorry to bother you but I’m not gonna ask for money, I’ll be asking for food to eat ‘coz I’m hungry.”

Faith was shocked and surprised at the same time. She was stunned by an old homeless man so fluent in English. She then invited Lolo to eat in a fast food chain.

When they ate finally having their meal, the old man introduced himself as Jansen Locsin, 70, who was a graduate from Ateneo de Manila and actually a former professor in Ateneo and University of the Philippines.

Originally, Tatay Jansen is from Bacolod. He has no wife and children. But he has two sisters.


He went to Cebu for a foreign exchange business. Sadly, his business faced bankruptcy.

The old man also told her that he went to a Cathedral to ask the priest for a fund to buy a ticket back to Manila but the priests were not there.

Tatay Jansen also mentioned former Mayor of Cebu Tommy Osmeña that used to be his friend. Faith then asked him to get help from the latter but he told her that everything has changed.


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