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Michelle Lhor Bana-ag receive more hateful comments after she refuse to undergo dru6 and lie detector test

Michelle Lhor Bana-ag is now getting bash on social media.

Raffy Tulfo seems don’t want to help Michelle Lhor Bana-ag anymore.

It is because Michelle didn’t want to push through the dru6 and lie detector test that she promised to do.

According to her, her Tita scolded her about it.


“Pinagalitan po ako ng tita ko kahapon sir, baka daw kasi mabinat ako.”

And there, Raffy Tulfo seems dismayed with Michelle’s statement.

He then said that he will withdraw all the help that he promised to Michelle for her family.

“Hindi na kita bibigyan Michelle, baka yung grocery na bibilhin ko ibenta mo lang,” he said.


He then seems angry while jokingly said, “Pustiso na naging gilagid pa.”

Their house rent that Tulfo promise will also neglected now.

“Matutulog ka na sana sa papag, ngayon matutulog ka na ulit sa lupa,”Tulfo quipped.

Tulfo even curses as he said that Michelle burns herself in front of him by turning her back to do the tests.


This prompted many netizens to throw more hateful comments onto her.

Here are some of their reactions:

“Gumagamit ka lahat ay nagsasabi sinugaling ka Michelle.”

“Hamon pa more buti nga syo Michelle”

“​tama yan sir pra matuto yan na babae nayan”

Kundi ka naghamon ke sir raffy e di sana hamonado uulamin mo hahahahahaha saet”


“sabi kona nga ba na ilang araw ata nagpa praktis c michelle ng mga ipagsasabi nya kai idol .🤣 michelle praktis pa para kapanipaniwala naman”

“goodbye pustiso ka tuloy nyeta k nakakagigil ka ee”

“Hahaha akala mo haaa mauuto m c idol raffy hahaha sunog k BURN….”

As they said, what goes around comes back around.

Watch the full episode below:


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