Mary Lite Lamayo Wasn’t Able To Name Dr. Jose Rizal From His Photo

Mary Lite Lamayo has put herself into boiling waters again after a vlog with her best friend.

As we all know, Mary Lite Lamayo and his boyfriend Roi have been the talk of the town after they became controversial.

Since then, the vlogger couple were a hot topic to the eyes of the netizens.

It looks like Mary Lite can’t get away from bashing with her own acts. She recently jumped off to the fire again.


It is after she wasn’t able to answer the name of our national hero correctly. In a vlog thatwas uploaded, Lite played the game GUESS WHO CHALLENGE.

The mechanics of the game will be Lite will guess who is shown in the photo. The twist is that only part of the photo will be shown.

In this case, the iconic forehead and hair of Dr. Jose Rizal was shown to her. Her Best friend, also gave her the hint “Ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan.”

Which is the most known line of Dr. Jose Rizal that has been taught in the school for many years now.


Sadly, Lite didn’t know who he was. She even mistaken him as a social media influencer, actor and a Tiktoker!

Following this, she received criticisms again and again by the netizens. They criticized Lite for now knowing what Pepe looks like when actually even grade schoolers can identify him with just part of his hair and forehead.

Moreover, her best friend came to defend in a separate video saying that IT WAS NOT DR. JOSE RIZAL who was shown in their recent vlog.

The netizens got more mad because for them, she is just defending her friend from her mistake again.


What do you think? Does Mary Lite Lamayo really know her national hero is?


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