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Michelle Lhor Bana-ag Allegedly Went To The House of Raffy Tulfo To Ask Help One More Time

Michelle Lhor Bana-ag allegedly asked help from Raffy Tulfo again. But this time, she went to the house of the journalist.

As we have witnessed in the finale episode of the case of Michelle in Raffy Tulfo In Action, Raffy cancelled all his planned help after Michelle backed out in the hair follicle dru6 test.

To recall, the real life drama of Michelle and Super Tekla became viral over the past week. Actually, this story of them had six episodes in the Youtube channel of RTIA.

It all started when Michelle sought help because of Super Tekla’s alleged [email protected] to her. However, the comedian had denied all the allegations.


Until many of their friends with each side came to defend them. This was when the issue became more complicated as many problems were brought up.

At the end, Super Tekla and Michelle ended up deciding that they will just become the parents of baby Angelo.

Raffy also promised to help the family of Michelle by providing them advance payments for rent, groceries and dental teeth for the latter.

Sadly, these were also withdrawn by Raffy after Michelle back out on the hair follicle dru6 test as her aunt advised her not to touch her hair.


Few days after this, Michelle allegedly went to the subdivision of Raffy Tulfo.

In a video uploaded on Youtube, the latter allegedly went to the subdivision freaking out. She went there to ask some help because her friends made her to.

Michelle was allegedly asking for some money for her ‘pustiso.’

Meanwhile, Raffy or Tekla has yet to confirm this allegation.


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