Friend of Mary Lite Lamayo Defended “Magkaib po kasi yun…” On Jose Rizal Photo Issue

Mary Lite Lamayo couldn’t get out herself from criticisms, as it looks like. Since her relationship with Roi, both of them are after the eyes of many.

Recently, Mary Lite has put herself in boiling waters again after her vlog together with her friend, Amae Coz.

As it became a hot issue again in the world of social media, this mistake of Lite is a whole new level.

It is after she didn’t recognize the photo of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.


In the said vlog that was uploaded in the Youtube chanel of Amae Coz, they played a game where Amae will show a part of a photo of someone and Lite will have to guess who it was.

As her clue, Amae will give some hints about that person.

Amazingly, Lite was able to answer correctly all the artists and Youtubers. Even if the photo was just a screenshot of small part of that person.

Some of the persons she was able to guess were Cong, Viy Cortez, Christine Samson, Bella Porch, and more.


However, when the photo of Dr. Jose Rizal was shown, Lite found it hard to answer. In the background, voices of some guys can be heard also trying to guess who it was.

As a hint, Amae mentioned the famous line, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” which Lite still clueless.

The photo she indicated in the vlog was the photo of Pepe black and white, his usual photo we see in the textbooks.

On the other hand, Amae uploaded a video again explaining the side of her friend. She defended by saying that the photo she shown to Lite was different and harder to tell.


Her reason was the vlog was taken long time ago before she edied and uploaded it. The original photos she have showed to Lite was different from the photo she flashed on the screen.


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