Angel Locsin To Give A Million Peso In Bicol Region For Rolly V!ctims

Another natural calamity had hit the country again as we are still coping up with the pandemic.

Sadly, on the 1st day of the month of November, a Super Typhoon washes out most parts of Bicol region.

As we heard in the news, Typhoon Rolly is the strongest one this year in whole wide world. Unfortunately, one of the countries it affected is the Philippines.

According to the news, Rolly has taken away 16 lives and left over 2 million Filipinos the aftermath. With this, celebrities immediately do what they have to do.


Among other personalities is Angel Locsin. As we expected, the actress is always being part of the donations and relief drives.

This time, Angel is helping 1,000 persons who are really in need. As a matter of fact, she already announced this on her social media accounts.

Angel posted the mechanics on how to be one of the 1,000 individuals who will be receiving the money. To ensure that they will receive it, she directly asked their infos on where to send the cash assistance.

All they have to do is to make a short video of themselves telling their full name, age, exact location and proof that they are really in Bicol.


Of course, to avoid [email protected], she reminded everyone that the only official page she will be using is the Typhoon Rolly Assistance Initiative page.

It is because of the issue came during her drive on making tents for the frontliners. One netizen claimed that Angel allegedly ordered gallons of alcohols from her which the actress didn’t claimed.

Meanwhile, aside from Angel, celebrities like Enchong Dee and Gretchen Ho are also collecting donations drive for the v!ctims. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is also one of them.


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