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Vice Ganda Surprised Seeing Girl Stuffs On Ryan Bang’s Condominium

Vice Ganda had a surprised house raid to Ryan Bang in his condominium. But it looks like that Vice was the one got surprised.

It can’t be denied that the friendship between the unkabogable star and Ryan has been strong through the years. It can really be seen in It’s Showtime.

Both Ryan and Vice are hosts of the noontime show, It’s Showtime where their natural ‘kulitan’ moments are seen.

The comedian considers him as an ‘anak-anakan,’ someone who he really treasures.


With that being said, it can’t be denied that they can’t keep a secret with each other.

In a vlog that was uploaded by Vice, he went to the condo unit of Ryan Bang. To his surprise, he saw some personal belongings of a girl.

As usual, Vice made fun of it and teases Ryan why he does he have these stuffs. Some of it were t-shirt for a girl and even a sanitary napkin!

Vice was shocked at first when he saw it and Ryan was trying to hide it and explain himself.


However, Ryan didn’t mention whose stuff was that. But many are saying that it may belong to his girlfriend.

After long years of being single, Ryan finally revealed that he has a girlfriend now. As a matter of fact, he included the girl on her music video.

As of now, the identity or the name of the girl is still unknown. But this explains the t-shirt and sanitary napkins in Ryan’s closet.

What do you think? Are Ryan and his girlfriend living in the same roof now?



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