Christian Merck Grey Has Found New Makaganda, Met Her On His Vlog

Christian Merck Grey has found a new love and Makaganda for him. This is after a month since the issue of him with now ex-girlfriend Caffey Namindang.

To recall, Merck had a serious issue with Caffey when the latter revealed that all of their vlogs are only scripted and written by Merck.

Until Caffey has put into her edge and dropped the top secret of Makagwapo. Makaganda and Makagwapo were there screen names so as called by Merck.

And now, it looks like the Youtube vlogger is finding a new girl for him. They have been moving on since they had a rough break up.


In a Youtube vlog that Merck uploaded, he scanned many girls in Bigo live hoping that he can find his new Makaganda there.

Bigo is a mobile application where user can go live and talk to their viewers. They can also join a live if the host is willing to.

At this point, Merck spotted a girl named Gieana Peñalba who he exchanged sweet words with. Unexpectedly, Gieana is also going with the flow.

During the Bigo live of her, Merck sent a sticker that’s why she noticed him. They then joined live and he asked her if they can meet in person.


In the following vlog, they finally met in person and dined together in a restaurant. They were with the friend of Merck.

In a Facebook post of Gieana, she uploaded a photo of her and Merck commented, “im good ahahaha” which the girl replied, “good lang? For me, you are the best.”

Many are saying that Gieana is actually pretty that’s why Merck was magnetized with her.


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