Clothes from donation boxes for Rizal only seen thrown at riverside

Donating your old, unwanted clothes is a great way to give back to your community while cleaning out your closet.

It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that you’ve made a positive impact, providing people with clothes who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

When you drop off that bag of old clothes at your local Goodwill, though, there’s probably one thing you aren’t thinking about: those clothes don’t always go to those who need them — or to anyone at all.

Believe it or not, a large portion of the clothing you donate ends up in landfills.


And that’s what exactly happened to the clothes that donated in Rizal.

As everyone is thinking of any way to help when the typh00ns hit our country consecutively. What’s good about being a Filipino is that, we always have the heart to help each other.

Given that, many of us are doing extra efforts to give some donation to the v’ctims of Ulysses. When reports came down that Rizal and Marikina were hard hit, help came rushing in

As a matter of fact, even simple civilians gave their donations such as clothes and relief goods.


However, photos that show the donated clothes in Rizal were just dumped at the riverside. This was uploaded by a netizen named Sidney Batino.

“Para po sa lahat na magbigay ng relief sa Rizal ,Sana po maiibigay sa mas deserved na bigyan para po hindi matulad nyan itinapon lng sa kalsada at sa ilog .nakakasama lng ng loob pag nakita mo na ganyan mangyari na binigay mong tulong sa kanila,” part of the caption wrote.

The netizen also said that we should find someone who is more deserving to receive our donations and help.

Your thoughts on this?


Written by adMin

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