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For The First Time, Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Uploaded Photo of Son With Cesar Montano

It looks like that Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert finally low-key admitted to the public who is the father of her son.

For the first time ever, after five years of keeping her mum about the issue, Sandra uploaded a photo of her son Coco with the actor Cesar Montano.

On October 25, 2015, the beauty queen gave birth to her son Coco in America. Since then, Sandra hasn’t opens up about who the real father was.

Until recently, she finally uploaded a photo of Cesar Montano with her 5-year-old son Coco. This is the first time that they let the public see them together in a picture.


They might not yet confirmed it directly, the picture speaks a thousand words for itself. The said photo shows Cesar kissing Coco while the kid is hugging him.

In an exclusive interview of Sandra in June this year, she admitted what had been her mistake and got scared of criticisms.

“I was very active in ministry work, so one of my greatest fears was being criticized for being pregnant before marriage, especially here in the Philippines,” she said.

However, Sandra honestly admitted that she did a mistake as she is also a human being who got blinded by love and deceived with her own emotions.


She even said that Coco inherited the features and characteristics of his father.

What can you say about this? Are they low-key admitting that Cesar is the real father?


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