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Mackie Empuerto Of TNT BOYS amazing transformation left many netizens in awe

Glowing up at its finest! Mackie Empuerto of TNT Boys is all grown up now!

Glowing up is all about teens growing into their features, looking older and more mature, and then wowing their peers with a look, style, or maturity that was hidden during those awkward years of puberty.

So glowing up is something we can all relate to.

But glowing up doesn’t have to be all about looks, puberty, or becoming more attractive physically! It could also refer to someone’s evolving sense of style, maturity, inner beauty, or confidence.


Do you still remember the TNT boys? They are the three male kids from Tawag Ng Tanghalan of It’s Showtime.

They are Keifer Sanchez, Francis Concepcion, and Mackie Empuerto. These kids are all amazing with the high belting voices.

They started young when they competed for the golden microphone of the singing competition.

Since then, they had several TV guesting that really surprised everyone.


Now that years have passed, they are all grown up as a teenager now.

And what caught the attention of many netizens is Mackie Empuerto.

From that thin-looking young kid, to now a handsome looking teenager. He really grew up after our eyes!

On his Instagram, you can see his cute and handsome photos. Mackie gained weight that looks good on him and he is taller than ever!


This is the stage where we can safely say that Mackie was hit very hard by puberty. This is an amazing glow up.

You can see his photos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts that which he is very active in updating their fans.

Mackie is just one of the kids who grew up in the showbiz industry and left many netizens in awe with their transformation.

What can you say about his transformation?


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