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Xian Gaza Helps Father Who Caught Steal!ng Milk And Diaper In Taguig

We have been facing difficulties since the lockdown and quarantine. Some of us are still in the edge trying to survive.

Unfortunately, some people are helpless and still jobless which left them with no choice. Given the circumstances, one father in Taguig had to [email protected] milk and diaper for his 1-year-old son.

We are saddened by a news recently which stated that a man in Taguig was nabbed by the police for stealing pack of diaper and boxes of milk.

Since from the publishing, many are commenting that the store should be considerate and sympathetic for the situation of the father. But it is still wrong to [email protected] things.


Given the situation, the social media personality and dubbed as “Pambansang [email protected]” Xian Gaza has showed his concern about this.

On his Facebook account, Xian said that he saw himself to the father’s shoes when he also had nothing back then.

“Bilang isang milyonaryong ama na nabibigay lahat ang pangangailangan ng aking anak, mαsαkit mαkarinig ng isαng bαlita na may inarєstσng lαlαki dahil nαgnαkaw ng gatas at diapers para sa kanyang isang taong gulang na anak,” he said.

According to the source, the father still had no job but he was actually looking. Out of desperation to have something to give to his starving baby, he went to the market and st0le stuffs.


Xian then decided to bail the father out of the ja!l and assured everyone that he would help him so that the father won’t have to do bad things again.

Meanwhile, many netizens commended him for this time as he has the heart to help someone who is alos a father like him.


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