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Former Actress Charee Pineda Is Now A Mom To A Baby Boy!

Charee Pineda just made it to the motherhood!

Despite of all the hard times this year, the former actress has received the greatest gift of her life.

The Councilor of Valenzuela City has welcomed her first child last November 28 this year.

She named his healthy baby boy Martell Francesco and proudly introduced him the same day that she gave birth.


Charee is a former actress who turned into a politician. Her baby, who she calls Cesco is considered to be her “answered prayer.”

“So many blessings to be thankful for,” the Valenzuela City Councilor wrote on her caption.

The former star then went on to thank everyone who supported her from her pregnancy journey to the nurses and doctors who kept her safe during her delivery.

“First, Thank you Lord for our super early Christmas present! Thank you for keeping us safe.


“Thankful for our families & friends who’s been praying for us.

“Thankful to our doctors who treated us like their family, Dra. Janis Palaganas & Doc. Raul Quillamor.

“Thank you also for all the nurses who took care of me esp those who are assigned in HRPU unit.

“And lastly thank you to my husband who’s been my rock from the start. Cheers to new journey with you my love and our little Cesco!”


Along with her caption were photos of her during her labor as well as the first photo she had with baby Cesco.

It looks like that the year 2020 may as tough as it is but still a blessed year for Charee.

On February this year, she tied the knots with husband Martell Soledad and nine months after that, they welcomed baby Cesco.

They made their pregnancy reveal during the birthday celebration of Martell just five months after they got married.


Written by AdMiN

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