Derek Ramsay Defended Andrea Torres Even After Break Up

Derek Ramsay still defends his now ex-girlfriend Andrea Torres against the judgments of many.

This is even after their most talked about sudden break up. Derek has been defending the actress from the bashers since the news about their break up circulated.

This time, he shuts down a basher who made a negative assumption about Andrea for uploading a photo of her showing her physique.

Derek, who recently celebrated his 44th birthday uploaded a photo of him topless together with some of his friends.


“Birthday salubong with team bakal boyz! Tnx @kerenza27 and @galibeatstravel for always being such a good friends!” Derek wrote on his caption.

On the other hand, one basher commented saying that he looks magnetizing that’s why Andrea was the one who went after him.

The basher even said that Derek didn’t even courted his ex-girlfriend.

“Sherep sherep. Kaya nabaliw si @andreatorres eh. Maloka loka siguro sa katawan mo kaya lang obvious na di mo siya niligawan at siya ang naghahabol. Nawalan ka na siguro ng challenge. Hahaha,” the basher commented.




Of course, as a man who once loved the girl who is being disrespected, he didn’t hesitate to defend Andrea.

”No man. Andrea is a decent woman,” he simply and calmly wrote.

Over the past weeks since their confirmed break up, Derek has been receiving comments blaming him for what happened and being separated after a year of their relationship.

He then said that “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”


Derek is also patiently replying to those bashers who are commenting malicious and foul words against Andrea.

As of this publishing, he switched his account to private.


Written by AdMiN

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