Fans of Dingdong Dantes defend him against rumors linking him with Lindsay De Vera based on a blind item

To the rescue, today on social media is the fans club and supporters of Dingdong Dantes to defend the actor.

Dingdong Dantes topped the Twitter trend on Friday, July 22, following the rumors linking action star Robin Padilla and OWWA official Mocha Uson.

Rumors surfaced that Robin impregnated Mocha and netizens speculated this from a blind.

With this, Robin’s wife Mariel Padilla broke her silence and defended her husband.


Following the trending topic about Robin Padilla and Mocha Uson, the name of Dingdong Dantes topped the Twitter trend. Apparently, this came from the now-deleted post of social media personality Andrew Olivar.

Netizens have been expressing various reactions regarding this.

There were those who slammed that Kapuso actor as they believe he really did that while there were those who expressed that it is just a diversionary tactic to hide the real issue.

Through the Twitter handle @Dingdongdantes_ one by one the said fan club turned this negative news against the actor.


“Thank you to all people who still believe in Dingdong and Marian. The best kayo!  Sorry if I made a mess in some parts, I was carried by my emotions. But there is one thing for sure, the issue about Dong is not true,” ”clarified the actor’s fan club.

The said fan club also believes that Dingdong was targeted by “Fake News” and was the victim of news manipulation by Mocha Uson’s alleged supporters.

“The rumor began with PEP. They made it clear that it’s not Dingdong. But this Andrew Olivar, a friend of M, is producing fake details to contaminate the blind item, & these DDS b/vloggers got a chance to strike Dong inaccurately. People on Twitter are bright enough, think better.”

For now, Dingdong seems to prefer not to be affected by the fake news being thrown against him.


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