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Ella Cruz Bravely Admitted That She Is An Outfit Repeater!

Ella Cruz bravely admitted to her fans that she is an outfit repeater!

When it comes to showbiz industry and being an actress, it can’t be denied that many are eyeing on everything that you make.

Even their outfits or their way of life, it is literally  EVERYTHING. While most celebrities are already used to it just like Ella Cruz.

On her Instagram story with the TRUE or FALSE edition, where your followers will reply something and you need to answer it whether it is TRUE or FALSE.


Moreover, for Ella, one of her Instagram followers brought up about her outfits as an actress.

“Outfit repeater?” the fan asked. Unexpectedly, Ella really did reply on this saying, “TRUE.”

The actress dancer has a humorous reply, “Oo naman! Ano? Disposable yung damit?!”

someone: Outfit repeater? Ella Cruz: Oo naman! Ano, disposable ang damit?! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA DAPAT MABASA TO NG KAKLASE KONG ANO.. CHAROT HAHAHAHA

Posted by Maye Camero on Saturday, 23 January 2021

The actress admitted that she repeats her outfits even that she is an actress who has been in the showbiz for a long time now.


If some celebrities specially actresses don’t want to repeat their outfits, not for Ella. She may had various projects that gave her a lot of profits, but it seems like she chose to be still a well-spender.

A lot of fans assume that their idols have a lot of outfits as they go on to work almost everyday.

This is not the first time that an actress was asked about their outfits. It is safe to say that a lot of fans are too curious about celebrity’s wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Ella may be a talented and famous actress but she is still living a simple life though.


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