Jaclyn Jose Is A Proud Momma To Andi Eigenmann

Jaclyn Jose is a proud momma to her daughter Andi Eigenmann.

Andi is now a proud mom of two as she and her finacé Philmar Alipayo welcomed their baby boy Koa.

Moreover, her celebrity mom Jaclyn is so proud of her on how she manages her daughters Ellie, Lilo and now son Koa.

During an interview of Jaclyn on her media press conference, she expressed how much she is happy for her daughter Andi.


“Happy. Happy ako kasi healthy si Andi and healthy‘yung baby. Sobrang I am so blessed with this work, with healthy children and apos kasi ‘yun lang naman ang prayers ko, ‘yung wag magkasakit,” the multi awarded actress said.

Aside from this, the actress is thankful as Andi and her baby is safe.

“I am so happy, three days siya sa hospital as if nothing happened she’s too strong. Strongest woman well aside from me (smiles),” she jokingly said.

As a mom and a grandmother, she said that she sees Andi happy making her own family.

“Yes they are genuinely happy. Ano sila, they’re just living their life to the fullest. Ayaw nila ng negative. They don’t watch news, they don’t watch things that make them think. Ako na bahala doon, kumbaga ako na ang bahala doon.”

“I’m sparing them from knowing things around them plus the fact that Andi doesn’t like really mga nega- negative things,” she added.

Meanwhile, Andi and Philmar are going home now in Siargao Island with their newest addition of the family.


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